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Vendor Information:

Our decorative concrete is made possible by INCRETE Systems. Euclid Chemical Company provides our sealers and admixtures. If you would like more information please visit our vendor websites below:


Euclid Chemical Company

Product Gallery:

To see how you can use decorative concrete in an innovative way, we have put together a sample gallery of 20-25 of our finished projects.

Color Projects Warranty and Disclaimer:

Warranty:  SPC / SRM will only warranty the color consistency throughout the concrete, within close proximity to the color chart. The manufacturers color chart was achieved using their local materials of the concrete mix which will make the color not an exact match. SPC / SRM only warranties the compressive strength if poured within ACI 318 guidelines. SPC / SRM cannot be held accountable or responsible for surface defects or irregularities due to excessive water on the surface, troweling marks, wet broom marks, excessive water added to the load prior or during pouring out and other finishing problems. No other oral or written statement is authorized.

Disclaimer:  SPC / SRM will not repair or replace colored concrete that appears to be discolored.  SPC / SRM does not place concrete and therefore cannot be held liable for discoloration from improper finishing techniques. The end user shall determine products suitability and assumes all risk and liability.  SPC / SRM will not guarantee the color to be an exact match to the color chart or sample.

The colors on the color chart are developed in a controlled environment using raw materials that are not available in all areas. Also SPC / SRM doesn't place concrete and has no control over the finish on the product. The product is still in its manufactured state and is subject to change based on the finishing techniques.  Therefore, the customer acknowledges that the colors are a close representation of the chart and that SPC / SRM cannot be held liable for finishing techniques which ultimately control the outcome of the finished product, once in place.

It is recommended by color manufacturers after finishing, to apply a concrete sealer. Take note that concrete sealer may change the color of the concrete. The UV rays from the sun and natural weathering will occur if not properly cured and maintained. To maintain your concrete, it is recommended that you reseal your concrete every other year.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is ideal for all projects including: interior floors, counter tops, patios, driveways, pool decking or walkways. Creating a different look every time you pour allows you to enhance any project.

Color / Colorants

There are many colors for you to choose from to design your own distinctive look. Click the link below for available colors [note some colors may not be available]

Increte Systems Colors

INCRETE Color-Matic

Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix utilize a state of the art liquid color batching system. This system is software based which delivers consistent color loads for all flatwork, polished, stamped, or vertical applications. Choose from many standard colors to achieve consistent, stunning, fade-resistant color, pour after pour.


Create a striking new surface or refurbish an existing surface.

Stamped Concrete Overlay System


THIN-CRETE is a stamped concrete overlay system designed as a cover-up for existing concrete surfaces. THIN-CRETE duplicates the look of natural stone, slate and granite in deep relief patterns over existing concrete surfaces eliminating the hassle and expense of concrete replacement. Applied at 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch over existing slabs, THIN-CRETE is actually stronger and more durable than concrete making it perfect for residential and commercial use in applications ranging from pool decks, patios and driveways to hotel lobbies, shopping centers and retail stores. Whatever your application, the THIN-CRETE stamped concrete overlay system can be colored and textured to match any design theme or specification giving you an incredibly versatile flooring system that's as durable as it is beautiful. Once sealed THIN-CRETE becomes an impenetrable surface to grease and common stains offering low maintenance and long lasting beauty.

Deep Penetrating Stain System


Stain-Crete is a deep penetrating concrete stain system that creates beautiful, mottled color tones in existing concrete. Designed for use on old or new concrete in both prestigious commercial projects and intimate residential spaces, Stain-Crete's unlimited design capabilities transform ordinary concrete into a limitless palette of color and design. The hardworking Stain-Crete system provides a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance surface that's as beautiful as it is durable. Due to its deep penetrating formula, Stain-Crete is resistant to the peeling, chipping and cracking of conventional masonry paints and stains. Create an aura of elegance with the richness of Stain-Crete.

The Ultimate Cover-Up's


The ultimate cover up for plain, old or unsightly concrete, SPRAY-DECK and TEXTURE-CRETE are decorative concrete overlay systems designed to transform ordinary concrete into bold and exciting textured surfaces. Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, SPRAY-DECK and TEXTURE-CRETE are ideal for a host of residential and commercial applications from driveways, sidewalks, and walkways, to patios, entryways and pool decks, or wherever a beautiful and highly durable surface is desired. The unique chemistry of SPRAY-DECK and TEXTURE-Crete creates an incredibly durable system with a surface strength twice that of regular concrete that is low maintenance, and resistant to staining and mildew. SPRAY-DECK and TEXTURE-CRETE's textured surface, while beautiful, creates a safety first non-skid surface ideal for pool decks, patios, and walkways or wherever a non-skid surface is desired. Extend the life and enhance the beauty of your home or property with the durable and elegant SPRAY-DECK and TEXTURE-CRETE systems.

Low Maintenance
Unlimited Designs
Resists Mildew
Cool to the Touch

Sealer Info


A sealer is to help create durable, water-resistant surfaces that can stand the power of nature’s elements or daily wear. Looking for a finishing touch for your architectural concrete? SPC/SRM offers sealers to create durable, water-resistant surfaces that will stand up to nature's elements or resist everyday wear in the home.

For more information regarding the sealers we carry please visit the following links.

INCRETE System's Color Hardener

Color Hardener is a ready-to-use dry-shake powder used to color and harden freshly placed concrete for stamping and other decorative surfaces. Color Hardener provides: a more uniform and intensely colored surface; an easy-to-clean surface that is resistant to grease, oil, and water penetration; greater resistance to weathering, freezing and thawing, and scaling from alkali salts.

INCRETE System's Color Release

Color Release is formulated to provide a barrier between stamping tools and wet concrete to prevent suction and facilitate the release of flexible stamping tools. Applied directly to the wet concrete surface prior to stamping, Color Release contains integrated iron-oxide pigments to add color and depth to a stamped surface. Available in INCRETE System's 30 standard colors.

INCRETE System's Liquid Release

Liquid Release is a specially formulated solvent based releasing agent designed to prevent suction between stamping tools and wet concrete to facilitate the release of flexible tools. Used in situations where a dry-shake release is too dusty to use, Liquid Release is ideal for interior use and is fragrance-free and non-irritating to nasal passages.

INCRETE System's Stone Essence

INCRETE System's eco-friendly Stone Essence Transparent Concrete Stain is a concentrated concrete stain that penetrates to beautify concrete surfaces with the mottled, variegated finish of an acid stain without the negative impact of acid or VOC's. Ideal for interior or exterior application, Stone Essence turns ordinary concrete surfaces into elegant and inspiring works of art and an ideal enhancement to any decor or landscape. In addition, as a non-VOC, non-acid product, it can be applied in occupied dwellings with clean-up that's easy and safe.

INCRETE System's Concrete Stain-Sealer

INCRETE System's Concrete Stain is a solvent based stain sealer formulated with special acrylic resins designed to provide deep penetration for all concrete and masonry surfaces. The unique formula protects surfaces with long-lasting durability, resistance to grease and oil stains, will not fade, and is alkali proof. The special resin system is designed to withstand high traffic and wet or dry abrasion. 

Additional cleaners and coatings may be available, please contact a representative at Smokey Point Concrete or Skagit Readymix for more information.

We recommend calling a professional contractor to service your decorative concrete needs. Surface defects, cracking, or irregularities may occur.