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The preferred supplier of quality concrete, aggregate and
related building materials for Skagit and Snohomish Counties.

Hours Of Operation:

On Job Time - normal delivery hours

Office Hours - Monday thru Friday 06:00 am to 5:00 pm.; Saturday 07:00am to 12:00pm.

Note: Orders outside of normal hours of operation are subject to an overtime charge per cubic yard.

Color Projects Warranty and Disclaimer:

Warranty:  SPC / SRM will only warranty the color consistency throughout the concrete, within close proximity to the color chart. The manufacturers color chart was achieved using their local materials of the concrete mix which will make the color not an exact match. SPC / SRM only warranties the compressive strength if poured within ACI 318 guidelines. SPC / SRM cannot be held accountable or responsible for surface defects or irregularities due to excessive water on the surface, troweling marks, wet broom marks, excessive water added to the load prior or during pouring out and other finishing problems. No other oral or written statement is authorized.

Disclaimer:  SPC / SRM will not repair or replace colored concrete that appears to be discolored.  SPC / SRM does not place concrete and therefore cannot be held liable for discoloration from improper finishing techniques. The end user shall determine products suitability and assumes all risk and liability.  SPC / SRM will not guarantee the color to be an exact match to the color chart or sample.

The colors on the color chart are developed in a controlled environment using raw materials that are not available in all areas. Also SPC / SRM doesn't place concrete and has no control over the finish on the product. The product is still in its manufactured state and is subject to change based on the finishing techniques.  Therefore, the customer acknowledges that the colors are a close representation of the chart and that SPC / SRM cannot be held liable for finishing techniques which ultimately control the outcome of the finished product, once in place.

It is recommended by color manufacturers after finishing, to apply a concrete sealer. Take note that concrete sealer may change the color of the concrete. The UV rays from the sun and natural weathering will occur if not properly cured and maintained. To maintain your concrete, it is recommended that you reseal your concrete every other year.

How To Order

To place an order the following should be ready to be provided:

  1. Date and desired time of delivery. Subject to availability.
  2. Customer name or account name.
  3. Name and cell phone # of person placing order.
  4. Delivery address, plat, development name to include P.O.#, lot# and special directions.
  5. Total order quantity. To include balances if necessary.
  6. Truck spacing on multiple load orders.
  7. Material usage i.e. footing, wall, slab, sidewalk. Etc.
  8. Mix ID or description of requested material
  9. Mixes are designed at a 4” slump; additional additives can achieve higher slumps. Ask your dispatch team for advice.
  10. Admixtures, fibers, rebar expansion joint or any extra products.
  11. Will you require batch weights for inspected jobs?
  12. All orders must be verbally confirmed with a dispatch team member.

"Quality concrete starts with a quality order."

Special Orders:

Order Confirmation:

Order delivery:


Saturday Deliveries:

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with quality concrete and service. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future.