Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix are deeply dedicated to providing a safe and healthful workplace for our employees and the public. We educate our employees about safety, health, and the environment and encourage them to utilize these practices at work, at home, and within their communities. Responsibility is reflected in our record and is brought to life through our safety program, which is the basis for all of our actions.

Safety Training
SDS & Safety


SPC / SRM provides an extensive training program focused on driving; professional development, and product knowledge.


  • SPC / SRM strive to reduce injuries on the job by promoting safety.
  • All team members are encouraged to call attention to safety and health hazards in the workplace.
  • We are an industry leader with an extremely low labor and industries rate factor, demonstrating that we promote a safe work environment and minimize risk to our employees in our work environments.

The CDP certification covers professionalism in critical areas such as product knowledge, company and customer relations, environmental issues, safety, vehicle maintenance and operations. SPC/SRM send their employees through CDP to continue their training no matter if they have been employed one year or fifteen years.


Skagit Readymix – 2021 NRMCA Gold Category “Excellence in Safety”

Smokey Point – 2018 MSHA Certificate of Achievement in Safety

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets are provided for your safety and information on products we distribute and use.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS, formerly known as MSDS) provide information from the manufacturer such as the properties of each product; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical.

Each Safety Data Sheet is presented as provided by the manufacturer/supplier and contains:

  • Chemical and physical properties
  • Health hazards
  • First aid recommendations
  • Personal protection
  • Fire and reactivity data
  • Spill and disposal procedures
  • Storage and handling

To access the Safety Data Sheets for Our products, click here for SPC/SRM’s SDS sheets.


To make it easier for you to locate safety data sheets (SDS) and safety information to meet regulatory compliance, Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix maintains a database of original SDS documents in an indexed electronic format.

Email a request for an SDS not found to your Administrator:

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