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1 1/4″ Crushed Rock


Also known as: 1 1/4 Minus, base coarse, C.S.B.C.
Specifications: 1.39 tons/cubic yard = 2780 lbs per cubic yard
Properties: Mechanically fractured, angular compactable aggregate graded for size from 1 1/4″ minus to -0
Primary Uses: Base rock for asphalt paving or gravel roads, also backfill for trenches and walls


4″ Minus Recycled Concrete


Properties: Crushed, recycled concrete highly compactable size range from 4″ – 0
Primary Uses: Road base, backfill material


5/8″ Crushed Rock


Also known as: 5/8″ Minus, 3/4″ Minus, top course, C.S.T.C, Driveway Gravel
Specifications: 1.30 tons/cu bic yard = 2600 lbs per cubic yard
Properties: Mechanically fractured, angular aggregate graded for size from 5/8″ to -0
Primary Uses: Base rock for either concrete or asphalt paving, top rock on gravel roads, or also bedding for rigid pipe


7/8″ Ready Mix Rock


Also known as: #57 Rock or 7/8” Drain Rock
Specifications: 1.38 ton/cubic yd = 2760 lbs per cubic yard
Properties: Washed, clean round aggregate, sorted through 7/8 square screened cloth
Primary Uses: Coarse aggregate in concrete mixes, drainage aggregate in trenches or footings where specified




Specifications: Non washed oversized rock
Primary Use: Landscaping, large drainage, road base


Concrete Sand


Also known as: ASTM C-33
Specifications: 1.27 ton/ cubic yard = 2540 lbs per cubic yard
Properties: Homogenous blend of sand particles ranging in size from #4 – #200
Primary Uses: Fine aggregate in concrete mixes, fine aggregate in mound system septic services, “grout” for patio pavers


Drain Rock


Also known as: 1 1/2 Washed Rock
Specifications: 1.34 tons per cubic yard (2680 lbs per cubic yard)
Properties: Washed, clean round aggregate.
Primary Uses: Bedding gravel in septic fields, drainage rock in french drains, bedding for rigid pipe


Pea Gravel


Also known as: #8
Specifications: 1.36 tons/cubic yard = 2720 lbs per cubic yard
Properties: Washed clean round aggregate
Primary Uses: Coarse aggregate in special concrete mixes, self compacting bedding for flex pipe


Pit Run


Also known as: Borrow, Gravel Borrow, Structural Fill
Properties: Naturally occurring material, size range 6″ – 0
Primary Uses: Backfill material or processed to make finished material


Quarry Rock


Also known as: Hard rock, Ledge rock
Specifications: 2280 lbs per cubic yard
Properties: Quarry sourced aggregate available as 2” R & R ballast, 2 X 4, and 4 X 8
Primary Uses: Road ballast, construction entrances, lining ditches & gabion walls


Washed Fill Sand


Also known as: Utility sand, Coarse washed sand or Builders sand
Specifications: 1.31 tons/cubic yard = 2620 lbs per cubic yard
Properties: Coarse blend of granular aggregate ranging in size from 3/16” to #200
Primary Uses: Trench backfill, sand box, horse arenas


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