“Quality concrete starts with a quality order.”

To place an order the following should be ready to be provided:

  • Date and desired time of delivery. Subject to availability.
  • Customer name or account name.
  • Name and cell phone # of person placing order.
  • Delivery address, plat, development name to include P.O.#, lot# and special directions.
  • Total order quantity. To include balances if necessary.
  • Truck spacing on multiple load orders.
  • Material usage i.e. footing, wall, slab, sidewalk. Etc.
  • Mix ID or description of requested material
  • Mixes are designed at a 4″ slump; additional additives can achieve higher slumps. Ask your dispatch team for advice.
  • Admixtures, fibers, rebar expansion joint or any extra products.
  • Will you require batch weights for inspected jobs?
  • All orders to be confirmed 48 hours before scheduled delivery.
  • All COD orders need a pre-authorized credit card prior to delivery.

Special Orders:

  • Tag-on or piggyback orders are not permitted.
  • Color orders should be placed by the person placing order by color number and dosage after consultation with an SPC/SRM color specialist. All color loads are also subject to availability of color requested. NOTE: Color loads are considered sold at the plant of origin when loaded. (Color disclaimer forthcoming)
  • Short loads are considered loads fewer than 7 cubic yards per order and have a short load fee attached. A listing of short load fees is available at your request.

Credit Application

To assist us in promptly processing your request, please click the button below.

Request Application

Order Confirmation:

  • Orders scheduled prior to 10:00 am must to be confirmed by 3:00 p.m. the previous day. THIS IS MANDATORY WITH WILL-CALL ORDERS.
  • All other orders after 10:00 a.m. including will-calls need to be confirmed or cancelled 2 hours prior to delivery.
  • Any will-call order not confirmed by load time will be removed from the system. The order can be reactivated by calling and rescheduling with dispatch.
  • Will-call orders will not be permitted outside regular hours of operation.
  • Will-call orders not confirmed may be subject to change of delivery time.
  • Order changes are allowed up to 2 hours before delivery, thereafter service could be affected.

Order Delivery:

  • We at Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix are committed to service. Once your pour is started, we are committed to keeping service to that job until the ordered quantity is complete.
  • 7 minutes per yard to discharge included in price, additional fees will be charged thereafter.
  • Variances to quantity or rate ordered during the pour may affect service.
  • Clean up loads, when pre scheduled, are considered part of the ordered quantity. One truck will be reserved for a clean up amount.
  • Any order going beyond the clean up amount, or original ordered amount will compromise service and will be treated as a new order. This new order will be delivered as soon as possible
  • An appropriate place onsite to wash up must be provided on all deliveries.
  • Pump blow back or wash out into our trucks is not allowed unless pre-scheduled with our dispatch team.
  • Pump-holds will compromise service. Orders placed on pump-hold will be delivered as soon as the schedule will allow.